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Airsoft is a hobby that originated in Japan, and reached Sweden in the beginning of the 21st century. A game session starts with the participants gearing up with their soft air guns and protective glasses, masks and other equipment which may vary from person to person. Protective glasses are always required around a gaming area, no matter if you are actually playing or not, since the safety considerations are rigidly upheld by the practitioners of this hobby. After gearing up, the teams sneak off into the gaming area and try to hit each other with the plastic pellets fired by these guns. Games are most often held in a stretch of wood or in a building.

Something that separates the airsoft hobby from similar activities is that you can’t tell whether someone gets hit or not and thus have to rely on the honesty of the participants. Once a player gets hit, he or she loudly calls “HIT!” and then leaves the gaming area to await the next opportunity to join the game again. This makes it difficult to compete in airsoft, and the focus is therefore more on the game experience itself than tournaments or the like.

There are many different ways of playing when it comes to airsoft. Just like in the computer game CounterStrike or in paintball, the participants are often divided into teams. The scenario can be as simple as winning by hitting all of the opponents, capture the opponents’ flag or to hold a certain position for as long as possible. Other versions where the shooting itself is not necessarily the sole focus are getting more common, where the games are more like a mix between airsoft and LARPs. So-called MilSims, “Military Simulations”, are bridging the gap between the hobbies and involve longer stretches of time outdoors where good equipment becomes more important than an endless supply of pellets.

What about the law?

In Sweden, you have to be 18 years or older to own and use a soft air gun. A soft air gun can, according to the law, have an impact energy of a maximum of 10 joules, but if the gun is semi-automatic then the limit is 3 joules. This is the same law as for air guns. The soft air guns used for playing are far below these legal limits.

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