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Everyone has heard of classical boardgames like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. Today the boardgame culture holds an enormous width as the games have developed further. The winner is determined more by player strategies and less by chance. There are also titles where the players have to cooperate against the game.

A boardgame is defined by its setup, which most often consists of an actual board that is placed on a table. Each player possesses one or several game pieces which are placed and moved on the board during the game, in order to reach the highest score, hold the largest area of the board or fulfill similar goals. Sometimes there are no boards or pieces, but rather cards or bricks that form the game board as the game advances. These titles fall under the boardgame category as well.

Game piecesExamples of simple strategy games are Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. Despite their simple sets of rules, these games possess many opportunities for clever strategies that guarantee a rich variation between gaming sessions. Among the most complex games are
Civilization and World in flames.

The german gaming convention Spiel Essen takes place annually in october and is a large meeting point for boardgame enthusiasts around the world.

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