§1 The Club

The name of the club is [name].
The club resides in [your home municipality].
The club is a non-profit organization which is religiously and politically independent.
The club is affiliated with the Swedish gaming federation, Sverok.
The purpose of the club is to practise and increase interest for the gaming hobby.
The club applies equal treatment, in order for all members to have the equal opportunitiy and possibility to participate in activities, and affect them.
The fiscal year (year of activity) is January 1st to December 31st.

§2 Becoming a member

All those who accept these bylaws have the right to become members of the club.
Membership is awarded to those who submit their membership request in writing.
The annual club meeting can decide that membership is free, or that membership comes with a fee. In case of a membership fee, it has to be paid in order for a person to be counted as a member.

Members have the right to get information about the club, to participate and vote on the annual club meeting and be eligible for elections. Members are expected to follow the club bylaws and other rules, keep their contact information up to date and to treat other members respectfully.

§3 Cancelling a membership

The membership is valid until the next annual club meeting, but at the minimum to the end of the current fiscal year.
A member who wishes to leave the club sooner than that, has to present it in writing to the club board. At that point, the person is no longer counted as a member.

A member who seriously damages the club can be suspended by the club board. Any suspension must be discussed at the following annual club meeting. The suspension is then either revoked, or the member excluded from the club. The suspended member has the right to participate on that meeting and vote in the question of suspension. The club board and the annual club meeting can revoke suspensions and exclusions.

§4 Club board

The club board is responsible for the club’s money, activity, member roster, annual club meeting and decisions made at said meeting.
The club has to consist of at least three members, where one is chairman. The club board has to share the responsibilites among themselves.
The club board decides who amongst them has the right to sign contracts in the name of the club. These are called authorized signatories.
The club board is elected at the annual club meeting and enters into service right after the meeting.
Any member of the club is electable for a board position.

§5 Accountants

The accountant’s task is to review the accounts and management of the club, and to present it at the next annual club meeting.
The club has to have one or two accountants.
Members of the club board cannot be elected accountants.
The accountant does not have to be a member of the club.

§6 Election committee

The club can have an election committee.
The election committee’s task is to present nominations of people for the elections prescribed in these bylaws.
Any member of the club is electable for the committee.
If no election committee is settled upon at the annual club meeting, the club board becomes responsible for the committee’s task.

§7 Annual club meeting

The annual club meeting is to be held before March 31st each year.
In order to be valid, the club members must be notified personnally at least two weeks prior to the meeting. The notification has to include time, place and topics for the meeting. If all members of the club agree to it, the meeting can be considered valid even if the notification arrived later than two weeks prior to the meeting date.

The following topics are mandatory at an ordinary annual club meeting:

  1. ) calling the meeting to order
  2. ) validity of the meeting
  3. ) electing chairman of the meeting
  4. ) electing secretary of the meeting
  5. ) electing at least one member for reviewing the protocol afterwards
  6. ) the club board’s management report for the previous year
  7. ) the club board’s financial report for the previous year
  8. ) the accountants’ review of the previous year
  9. ) discharge of responsibility for the club board
  10. ) propositions from the club board and members
  11. ) activity plan for the current year
  12. ) budget for the current year and settling of the membership fee
  13. ) electing the club board for the current year
  14. ) electing the accountants for the current year
  15. ) electing the election committee for the current year
  16. ) closing the meeting

If the club board, accountant or at least one fourth of the club’s members request it, the club will hold an extraordinary club meeting. This can be held anytime during the year. The same validation criteria as for an ordinary annual club meeting are to be considered. At an extraordinary club meeting, only topics mentioned in the notification can be treated.

§8 Voting

All members attending the annual club meeting have one vote each. When voting, the proposal that receives the most votes wins. If a vote results in a tie twice in a row, the proposal is considered nulled. If the vote is regarding an election and the result is a tie twice in a row, the matter is resolved through chance. Votes that are placed neither for or against a proposition does not count.

§9 Changing the bylaws

These bylaws can only be changed at an annual club meeting, if the proposition to change them is included in the notification to members. In order for the change to pass, at least twice as many votes must be cast in favor of the proposition as the amount of votes cast against it.

§17 Dissolution

The annual club meeting can decide for the club to be dissolved. The club is not dissolved as long as there are at least three members who want to continue managing the club. In case of dissolution, any debts the club has shall be paid and any accounts cancelled. If the club possesses any money or items, these shall be donated to another non-profit club with similar purpose or be returned to Sverok.