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Most people probably think of classics like Canasta or Bridge when card games are mentioned, and truth to tell there are games like UNO that have been a part of many a childhood. Card games have been around the last 600 years, and show no tendencies to vanish. On the contrary, new ways to play and new cards are published frequently which keeps the hobby fresh.

In the gaming culture, the collectible card games are the big thing and Magic the Gathering is the world’s first and largest collectible card game. From the start it was designed to be played as a one-vs-one-player game, but it also works quite well in larger settings. When playing Magic, each player holds a unique deck of cards. There are ready-to-play decks to buy, but one can also by random cards and build a deck of one’s own. It is the combination of cards, the way they are played and a touch of luck that determines the winner in these games.

Other card games require other means to win. Sometimes the task is to gather most clues (ie the right cards) first of all, in order to solve a certain problem. In others, it is all about throwing fireballs at one’s opponent until he or she has no more energy (ie cards of that kind). With the collectible card games, it is always about putting together a deck of cards that presents the best opportunities in any given situation, and to calculate beforehand which card combinations to use in order to win.

Today there are hundreds of different collectible card games from a wide variety of game producers. A few titles worth mentioning are Pokémon, The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

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