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Computer games have become incredibly popular among the young and old alike. Since there is such an enormous variety in games, virtually anyone can find something that appeal to them. Titles vary from small, simple puzzle games to strategy games and action games for the more experienced gamers.

Photo: Saloranta In Sverok there are mainly two types of computer gaming activities. LAN clubs which regularly organize LAN parties with up to hundreds of participants, and online clubs where team tournaments are most common. LAN means Local Area Network and is a way of connecting several computers to a network and play together locally. Online clubs connect through the internet, and players can participate no matter where they are located geographically. Notable game titles are Counterstrike and StarCraft.

E-sports (electronic sports) is a common term for games that are played electronically as something more than a hobby, ie something you practice and get better at. Generally these games are played online and the term is sometimes interchangeable for computer games, but there is also a multitude of videogames that fall under this category.

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