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dans_2-meLARP, also known as Live Action RolePlaying, can best be described as an improvised theatre play where there is no audience per se but everyone is a participant of the game. In a made-up reality every player has a character to play and perform as believably as possible. Using characteristics, tools and costumes prepared before the event, an illusion of the made-up world as encompassing as can be is created together. The goal is not to “win”, but rather to have a rewarding and entertaining experience along with one’s co-players.

A LARP event can take place in a fantasy village built for that sole purpose with a thousand participants, as well as be held in someone’s back yard with a group of close friends. Only imagination sets the limits. The event can go on for a few hours, a weekend or even a full week. The setting or framework for the story can range from a medieval wedding or a dramatic war between elves and orcs to a serious family dinner at a mansion or intriguing vampires beneath the streets of Stockholm. During the LARP, the players speak and act according to their characters and the setting.

Apart from an outlining framework, there is no script or pre-set order of events for a LARP. Instead the story is created together depending on how the players choose to act. In order to facilitate the game there are however certain rules that the players have to adhere to. These rules regulate things that cannot be fully acted out, but require a large portion of imagination and acceptance, such as battles or magic.

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