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Most people know what a toy soldier is, but not as many are familiar with a 1700-points army of Space Marines. Plastic or tin miniatures, carefully chosen and painted, are the core of the hobby known as miniature games.Miniature ship. Photo: Kriss Andsten

When playing miniature games, each player commands an army of miniatures and lead them through battles in hopes of victory. Depending on which title is played, the army can be anything ranging from historically correct troops led by Napoleon to a fantasy army of made up creatures or a futuristic starship fleet. Different miniatures have different characteristics that affect the outcome, which makes the composition of the army an important part of the game.

The miniature game hobby consists of much more than the actual playing. The miniatures have to be painted and miniature landscapes for the battle fields have to be built. It is a creative hobby which demands both patience and nimble fingers.

Some examples of game titles usually played are:

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles ( fantasy)
  • Mordheim ( fantasy)
  • Warhammer 40 000 (science fantasy)
  • Flames of War (historical)
  • DBA (historical)
  • Warmachines (steampunk)
  • Bloodbowl ( fantasy/sports)
  • Star Wars Miniatures (science fiction)

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