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Paintball is a pronounced team sport where cooperation, communication and tactics are more important than individual skill in the long run.

When playing, a marker is used, which is a kind of gun that with the aid of carbonic acid or compressed air fire color-filled balls. To play, all participants must wear protective gear consisting of at least a full-face mask. A paintball marker does not require a license to own, and there are many well-formed safety regulations for the game sessions. Statistically, there are more injuries per person in golfing than in paintball.

Photo: Magnus Fäste In general, the teams have to get from their starting position to the opponents’ in order to grab a flag, which then has to be transported back to the starting point. The players fire color-filled balls at the other team to try and mark them. A marked player must leave the playing course and wait for the next game.

There are also large tournaments and contests within the paintball hobby, and many teams practise a lot to increase the performance and qualify for the prestige-filled games.

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