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Roleplaying traditionally takes place around a table with a small group of players and one game master. The players create characters and play out their story under the guidance of the game master, the fall of the dice and the bounds of imagination. The only thing actually needed to start playing is a pair of people capable of improvising, yet most roleplaying groups consist of three to six persons and one appointed game master. It is the duty of the game master to set the framework of the story, to pose challenges and rewards for the players and to uphold the rules of the game in play as well as act out the creatures and people the player characters encounter as the story unfolds.

Photo: Kinna-Hof A character, or role, is given a background, characteristics, opinions, goals, strengths and weaknesses among other things. A character sheet is often used to keep track of this information. It is the task of the players to not only create the characters, but also to play them as well as possible. As the story is not set prior to the game, apart from the outlined storyline set by the game master, improvisation and cooperation are vital parts of roleplaying.

As with movies, literature or computer games, there are as many genres to roleplaying as there are ideas. Fantasy, science-fiction and horror are among the most common genres played today.

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