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Videogames are digital games that engage people of all ages. In most cases a game console connected to the TV is used to play, but there are also mobile game versions that can be used anywhere. The titles encompass everything from action-, sports- and adventure games to music- and exercise games. Most people have tried games like Super Mario, Guitar Hero, Halo or Singstar at some point or another.

Game consoles from Nintendo, Playstation and Microsoft Xbox are common. A lot of people play only the latest games available while others prefer the old classics to provide entertainment. Apart from the actual videogames, other forms of gaming like arcade-, pinball- and cell phone games are also counted as digital games of this genre in the clubs.

Photo: MindgameThe videogames of today are quite similar to computer games, and many titles are available both for computers and game consoles. In the videogaming culture it is more common with gatherings where several players meet and play on the same console, than in the computer gaming society where the players are expected to have a computer each and connect them to a network to play.

Some common ways to play are by oneself, several persons by the same console (at the same time or by taking turns), with others through the internet or by connecting several mobile consoles to each other. One can play at home with friends, at the local gaming club or choose to participate in the contests and tournaments that are held around the year.

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